Workout No Matter What


Happy Monday Divas:

What a weekend, right? Hopefully it’s been a good one for you as we’re winding down the summer fun…

I have a confession…

Last week I was at a conference, it was absolutely amazing to connect with so many people, enjoying wonderful conversations, amazing food and great company…

As much as I work on being consistent with my health, there are times when I just really don’t want to get up and workout… especially when I’m out of my element (because of travel and all..)

I had an epiphany of sorts and want to share with you.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, just use this trick… Ask Yourself:

“How am I going to feel once I’m done with that workout?”

You’re going to feel amazing! Have you ever done a workout and regretted it? Probably not, right?

The endorphin rush and moving your body really ignite energy… it’s all about energy.

Paint that picture of what it will be like once you’re done and that will create a feeling in you that says,

“Come on girl… let’s do this!”

This week’s theme is about “working out no matter what”

I’ll have some ideas for you in this week’s video.

Let me know what YOU do to get yourself going… is it a favorite song? Maybe a mantra? A picture that inspires you?

Divas… let’s get at it this week… you deserve it all!

Love & Light – Tara xx