Something Is Better Than Nothing!


T&T Divas!

Check out this video for this month’s Challenge… the Workout Challenge

However, this isn’t only about working out physically because that’s only one part of the equation.

This month we’ll be sharing our strategies for how to set yourself up for success:

Have you ever thoughts:“I don’t have time to workout again! I’m just so busy!” “I’ll just grab something quick on the way home…” “I have no energy” “I feel bad about that meal I ate”

I can so relate… so let’s take a step back and look at the full picture…

This month I am sharing tips on quick workouts that you can do in the pockets of your day.

Just remember, something is better than nothing when it comes to working out. I used to suffer from the “all or nothing” mentality, I would workout when I was teaching, fueled mainly by coffee, I would teach my classes, but I wasn’t putting any real intentions as to what I was doing for my health. So, I’d grab fast food and more coffee… only to find myself completely exhausted and crashing in front of the TV.

Have you been there? See! I can relate.

Divas, you aren’t alone – here are some quick tips you can start with today:

What are your health goals? Write it out
What makes you feel good that fills your soul? What’s the one activity that makes you happy and create more fun for you
Find out the inner workings of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle and working out
Find the little moments when you can workout – okay, I share mine… don’t laugh (this is what I really do)
Find an accountability buddy
Take action on what you decide
Stay focused, stay the course, so you don’t give in to triggers
Decide on who is on your support team
Make some fun food alternatives to regular foods so you don’t feel guilty
This month, we are sharing with you more on recipes, more on Tone & Tease sexy workout – check back every week!

And, here’s a little something for you, compliments of Tone & Tease

Let’s workout together, unleash & let go

Love & Light, Tara xx .