How to get Sweaxy in Only 10 Minutes!!


Hey there beautiful!

Happy Monday… As you may have noticed, this month’s theme is all about working out, we’ve covered different ideas and movitating stories to get you moving…

We all know that working out has so many benefits, it improves energy, improves your vitality and leaves you feeling sweaxy!

But let’s face it… sometimes it seems so hard to find a solid hour to get in a workout, right? It becomes a chore…

Can you all relate?

Well look no further, I have some great tips… some may seem crazy, but the concept is simple…

Workout wherever, here’s the thing, experts recommend at least 30 minutes a day to stay fit and healthy…

And… good news…here it comes

3 sessions of 10 minutes each is just as effective… so great, right?

So the following ideas will fill the 10 minute fix, require no machines and will tighten you in all the right places…

Watching TV – For 10 minutes – I know you can commit to at least 10 minutes – take advantage of this time to do some stretching, leg lifts, or abdominal crunches on the floor in front of the TV. Again, get creative and be productive while watching TV – kill two birds with one stone.
Get your legs toned – Forward lunges can be done at home and all you need is yourself! Just a few repetitions a day will go a long way.

Work your muscles – Wall push-ups are a fabulous way to build those upper arm muscles – just do a few repetitions every day as well and you will see how your muscles start to strengthen in no time.

Take the stairs – If you have stairs, for 5 minutes every day before you shower or after work, just walk up and down.
Do jumping jacks – these are great warm up and get your heart rate up, which is essential.

At your desk – Do arm and leg circles – no one will see the leg circles from under your desk.
Sound simple? Of course it is! Getting better results doesn’t need to be so complicated — sometimes it is the smallest changes and effects that yield the biggest results. Stay motivated, keep your imagination open, and remember, if anything has a weight, it can be lifted!
What are your favorite 10 minute moves?

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